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November 3, 2019

. I.   3 Months, 3 Challenges

Agostina and Uri's marriage was very special for several reasons and had three major challenges that we were able to overcome . The first, designing the dress for one of my best friends, the second organizing a wedding for 250 people in less than three months and the last, but not least, Agos's decision to convert to Judaism to seal love also under Jewish law.


I found out through WhatsApp, I was traveling and I got a message that said, "Will you let me know when you have two minutes? And it would be ideal if you were sitting." Immediately afterwards, she sent me a photo of her and Uri (her boyfriend) with the ring and the comment that made me most happy: "You're going to have to make me the dress" and the one not so much ... "It's in three months ! "

Between laughter and emotion the process of her dress began, and how difficult it was to design a dress for one of my best friends, but everything flowed with total naturalness and simplicity. It was one of the most beautiful things that the brand gave me, doing what I like, designing, accompanying and advising a friend in one of the most important moments of her life, something we always do with all our girlfriends but this time with someone closer.

She knew that her relaxed, minimalist and delicate attitude had to be reflected in the dress. It had to be comfortable, with sleeves and with an oriental style that characterizes it so much, it is not a minor fact where he proposed marriage: "We went to dinner in the Japanese garden, we had just returned from a trip to Asia and we were both fascinated by the culture oriental "..." when the dessert arrived he took out the ring ".


As we do with all brides, we start by looking for the fabric.

We chose a worsted tulle that had a slight shine, and as a base fabric a 100% natural silk crepe de chine, a light fabric, with a lot of fall and with less shine than silk, being a wedding during the day we did not want her dress shine too much. Agos did not doubt it when she saw the fabric we had found for her.


We chose a languid and relaxed silhouette, marked the waist to stylize and accompanying with a "v" neckline in front and back. The dress had flared and two keels on the sides with embroidered tulle, which generates spaciousness in the skirt and helps refine the silhouette. It also had wide and wide sleeves to give the dress more movement at the top, we cut them to make them more comfortable and have more movement.

For us, the backs are always the protagonists, and Agos did not want a tail or a cape, so we decided to give a detail on the back with a very wide bow also using the embroidered fabric and applying it by hand on the silk strip.

The dress was crossed to close the back followed by lined buttons. Couture detail that give that touch to our wedding dresses.


The side keels made the dress have a combination of something minimalist with simple and straight lines versus something more organic and fluid, not only for the shape of the tulle pattern itself but for the irregular finish of the edge of the fabric, which is decided to take advantage to generate this effect. At the last minute we also decided to cut some small flowers from the fabric and apply them to the front of the bow so that some of that embroidery can be seen on the front of the dress.  


The day before the wedding we went together to an apartment that Agostina had rented to spend the night and wake up near the living room, something essential to be calm. It was one of the things that he most enjoyed about his marriage, we talked about many things, we went out to dinner, we toasted what was coming and we ended up in the room embroidering the robe that he was going to put on with parts of the cloth that we had left over. The next day we went to the living room where there was a beautiful room to get ready, we put on music and we enjoyed the whole preview together with her cousins.



We found it a fundamental piece in her look, alpaca flowers with handmade quartz crystal details that perfectly accompanied her semi-collection. Like the silver chain set by hand. (ASTORIA JOYERÍA)

The place where they decided to get married was also taken into account when designing, we knew it was going to be a ceremony during the day in the open air and for this reason it was decided that a cloth embroidered with rhinestones would not go well with this context.

"We wanted to get married in November, by day and outdoors, so nature was a must. He loves green and I love water and our ceremony was surrounded by both. The important thing for me was to feel safe that everything It was going to turn out well. The proposal, the advice and all the people who helped us from the shipyards are incredible, "Agos told us.


Agostina made the decision to change her religion in order to marry under Jewish law. A total and pure act of love, where she felt how important that moment was for him and the value that it had to do it in front of the rabbi who had seen him grow and he did not hesitate a second to take that step to be able to share it together. " It was a decision that I made very conscientiously and with great joy. I took classes with a rabbi and passed an exam that ended my conversion process."

When she told us this we knew we had to make a sturdy dress ...


Wedding venue: Milberg Shipyard

Catering: FAVA

Wedding planner: Ana (Shipyards)

Setting: Sandra Plunkett

Headdress: Jitric Contemporary jewelery (Maximiliano Jitric)

Rings: Astoría Jewelry

Jewelry: Astoría Jewelry

Footwear: CHAO

Makeup: Victoria Lopez Saubdiet

Hairstyle: Victoria Lopez Saubdiet

Photographer: Estudio Bleu

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