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Choose my product

The first thing you should do is enter the "SHOP" section and select the desired category to view our products, for example "DRESSES ". There, you can see all the specifications of each product by clicking on the image or on the product name. You can view in detail the image and the product description with the size and color options.

Add it to cart

Once you have chosen the product with the corresponding specifications (Size | Color | Quantity if applicable), you must add it to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button



Automatically, the product will be added to the shopping cart that is displayed on the far right of the screen.

You can repeat this step as many times as you want with all the products you want to buy.

You must click on the purchase icon or the action button to view the product (s) you have added.

Order and shipping

The next thing to do is verify that what appears there is what you added and want to get. You can update the cart with the changes you want (Quantity | Remove products).

Before finalizing the purchase, you can apply your discount coupon, if you have one, by entering the code and pressing the "Apply" button to update the totals to pay.


Before finalizing the purchase you can calculate the shipping costs according to your province; also updating the totals to pay. If you live within the province of Buenos Aires, choose "Standard Shipping Buenos Aires", if you live in any province in the interior of the country, choose "Standard Interior Shipping". You can also choose whether to withdraw the product through our San Isidro store for free, or by the Pick up located in Belgrano, CABA, Buenos Aires, with a small surcharge. Vertical Sense will not be responsible for customs fees imposed by your province / country.

To continue with the purchase process, you must click on the “Finish Purchase” button.

Shipping and billing information

In this section you must add the shipping and payment contact information. Certain data will be mandatory. Once these data are completed, click on the "Place my order" button, to be redirected to the Mercado Pago page to enter the credit / debit card information you wish to use.

Remember that for purchases from Argentina Sentido Vertical adheres to different forms of payment that MercadoPago offers having the possibility of choosing to pay in installments. For purchases from outside Argentina, payments are made in United States Dollars in one payment (at the daily exchange rate according to country) with cards suitable for international purchase.

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Finalize the purchase


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