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March 16, 2019

. I.   In the woods

María Belén and Santiago said "yes" at Estancia La Mimosa, under the trees that were still dripping with the recent rain that day. The white cranes hanging from the branches, the forest, the animals and the colonial style of the place gave the ceremony that romantic and dreamy touch. The dress, the protagonist, contrasted with the colors of the environment, generating light with each step she took. Simplicity and warmth were words that predominated in this celebration.


Santiago surprised Belen in  Christmas with the best gift: "At 12 while we were all toasting, he took me to the room and told me to close his eyes, when I opened them he was standing with the box in his hands!" Belu told us in a from the first interviews when we met. They were already together a long time ago, and they have a beautiful daughter named Clementina that we were lucky to meet in testing her dress.


Many times the context of a wedding is part of the design process, knowing it, knowing where and how the bride intends to get married is very important, everything has to be coordinated. Belén is one of those brides who chooses everything, and she was very clear about where she wanted to celebrate her wedding "We loved the ruggedness of the place and its simplicity, we thought it had a lot to do with us. We were also looking for an open place because we wanted to get married during the late and take advantage of the outdoors. " He was also super decided who the photographer was going to be (Consu Juncosa) , it was enough for us to enter his Instagram profile to know the climate that he would breathe in this marriage: nature and freedom.

26- Belu y Santi- ConsuJuncosa.PhConsuJu
47- Belu y Santi- ConsuJuncosa.PhConsuJu

In the first interview, one of the words that was constantly repeated was: “simplicity”, Belu was very clear that she wanted something minimalist and the type of cleavage but she was open to listening: “After the first meeting I had no doubt that there was found the designers I wanted. I really liked their ideas and proposals, the confidence with which they thought about their designs and their style ”.

We knew that we had to do something that reflects her personality, this is something we try to do with each bride, identify her essence and then replicate it in the dress.


The process began, together we chose a fabric that seemed appropriate to the type of dress we had in mind. Belu came to see her and we decided to keep her for a while until the process of assembling her dress begins. One day we get a message: "Girls I'm not sure of the fabric." We immediately told him to come closer so we chatted together and resolved the concerns. Finally we decided to completely change the embroidered tulle for another with which she felt more comfortable and start the design process from scratch.


The boat-style neckline is key to transmit elegance, it helps to visually increase the bust area, which was fundamental for the case of Belu who is super small. In the back we decided to do something a little more played, and put together some strips to try crossing them over his body in the tests, Belu participated in each design decision seeing the strips in different positions until we chose this option:


After much searching we found a simpler and more delicate embroidered tulle and we proposed to play with three textures:

1- On the one hand, take apart the flower tulle to generate a new texture and place it only in some part of the dress to give it that rustic and natural touch.

2- On the other hand, we chose Crepe as the base fabric, something more rigid that helped us form the neckline well and mark its figure.

3- And finally a Georgette Gauze that gave us fall and fluidity, three textures that seemed to be a perfect combination for the idea we had in mind.

Belén loved this new idea, and full of enthusiasm and grateful for “the change on the fly” we moved forward with her dress.


The skirt had a gauze overlay, open in the center, that when walking opened and generated next to the tail that movement that we look for in all the brides, the one that leaves you speechless when you see her walking the altar at a slow pace, with a smile on the face. The tail generated a kind of third layer on the dress, we decided that it should not be very long, it must always go in proportion to the bride and the place she has to walk to the altar. Then it was disassembled and the covered buttons were exposed, a haute couture detail that cannot be missing in our wedding dresses. The final detail, the flowers applied by hand over the shoulder that went down to the bust, the perfect brooch to finish your dress.


The bouquet was the perfect choice, a combination of eucalyptus, foxtail and paniculata.

Belu chose a headdress of leaves (Cecilia Barreto ) and a bronze bracelet, which also seems to us to accompany the warmth of the environment very well. And what about Clementina, with her ecru flower headband and her white mini dress.

I don't know


The end.

Location: Estancia La Mimosa

Setting : Decomelia

Makeup: Mechi Buasso

Hairstyle: Mechi Buasso

Headdress: Ceci Barreto
Rings: Daniela Godoy

Photographer: Consu Juncosa

Video: Aleja Ruiz

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