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April 15, 2019


It seems an impossible mission to organize a wedding in 2020, dates that are postponed, uncertainty, frustrations, a context and a somewhat complicated panorama . It is a time for us to try to lower our anxiety and stay positive, knowing that everything is going to settle and that long-awaited day is coming and with more energy than ever.

Inspiration , salons, invitations,   photographers, s makeup, jewelry, shoes, all in one place. We have always wanted to put together a list with recommendations , our chosen ones in the field, so that they can consult whenever they need to find a piece of information. This moment prompted us to do it and to give you these tips that we believe will help you a lot . It is a way for them to move forward with the organization in a responsible way and take advantage of all this time at home to think down to the last detail.


-Inspiration Pages:

It is a great opportunity to plan and finalize details that in the daily whirlpool there is never time to organize. First of all we recommend that you seek inspiration to know what type of marriage you have in mind. It is as easy as saving images that you see on different platforms and organize them in your Photo Reels by album. Eg References dresses, Decoration and Bouquets, Footwear and Accessories ... We decided to propose pages that we consider interesting so as not to fall solely on Pinterest (needless to say, having your own boards on Pinterest with the same concept is also a good idea) When your albums have enough photos start to filter. It is normal that they like more of a style, but we are sure that there is one that surely repeats itself more among their photos. Prioritize it and erase everything that strays from it. Be honest with yourself and project yourself in those images! This tip will be essential for you to have it at your fingertips when wedding planners, designers, decorators, etc. ask them what they have in mind.

Here we leave you 3 pages to get inspired:

- @the_lane

- @vogueweddings

- @thebridaljourney



We start with the most macro . After having accompanied many of our brides, we feel that we can recommend two magical places with very different styles so that they can find the one that best suits their wedding. You will notice that nature is a must for us, we always recommend places that have a good proposal both indoors and outdoors. We give you some tips that seem fundamental to us : define what type of services you are looking for, make sure that the place has all the spaces you have always dreamed of, ask for quotes and establish a maximum budget . Do not experiment, look for reliable places that you know or have recommended!

-Estancia la Mimosa

For brides with a more rustic and rustic style, who want something simple and connected to nature, this option is ideal. We leave you the link of some of our girlfriends:

-Instagram: @estancialamimosa


-Milberg Shipyards

"An exquisite relationship between architecture and landscape allows us to create varied environments and climates so that each celebration is personal and different. Bright and elegant spaces surrounded by gardens combine with the gallery in an integration that allows you to enjoy the place at any time of the year, both day and night." This is how they are defined in Shipyards, and we cannot agree more!

-Instagram: @astillerosmilberg



Invitations are the first approach that guests have to the wedding , it is a clue to imagine the type of wedding they are organizing. So it is important that you are aligned with the entire marriage and not be haphazard. We bring you two very different proposals:

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It is an innovative but traditional place, it is intended for all those brides looking for printed invitations . Each invitation is handcrafted with the LETTERPRESS method. It is an art and a relief printing technique with ancient presses under 1890 is made of a copy at a time! "Letterpress is new and old at the same time. It is the revival of the traditional empowered with modern design. It is totally sustainable and also 100% handmade . " Maca, the owner of this beautiful place, tells us.

-Instagram : @milletterpress

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-Jasmine Ll. study

It is our chosen for all brides who prefer invitations in digital format . An innovative proposal with a unique and contemporary design. Many brides seek to send their entries through WhatsApp or Mail and Jazmin ensures that this happens in an original way, without losing the charm of a wedding invitation: "I studied calligraphy, art and photography and I love mixing different techniques to achieve an original result that differs. As for wedding invitations, the most important thing is always to adapt to the client so that they feel identified with the final result on such a special day. "

-Web :

-Instagram: @jazminllestudio


-Photography and video:

The photos capture moments that memory sometimes forgets, and finding the person who captures those moments is super important so that they can enjoy during the wedding knowing that they are in good hands . Here are our recommendations, not only for their talent but for being responsible and reliable people.

But first we are going to give you some advice: How do I choose my photographer?

The first thing we recommend is that you see your website from start to finish . Full coverage and not just the 10 best photos that show on an Instagram. It is key that you feel identified with the way of working , with the photos you see, with the expressions, with the poses and the "no poses".

If you like the job and it is what you were looking for, request a quote . Ask him all the questions you can think of. Work with contract! In this time of so many cancellations and postponements, it is essential to have a contract in between!

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-Ariel Novak

"I love to tell stories, I love to portray the connection between people and I am a fan of certain aesthetics. My goal is to record their precious memories in the most authentic and visually striking way ... So that they have a unique, emotional and original visual experience!" Ariel told us referring to his work, which was repeatedly awarded, one of them named among the 50 best photographers in the world (Fearless Photographers) and already covered more than 250 weddings . We believe that his career speaks for itself, and he tells us that in these times it is handled "Totally the same. Some weddings this season were rescheduled for the end of the year or the beginning of 2021. I take few events and I have enough availability for all my clients so there are no problems finding new dates. I am still here to answer, advise and support all my partners. This is going to happen! "


-Instagram: @ariel_novak

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"Cuika is a photo and video agency that is distinguished by the mix between formal and spontaneous . We take photos of the fields without neglecting those that were always taken and short trailer videos that convey the intimacy and emotion of the moment.

We are a team of creative professionals, who seek both the quality of the service and the warmth and closeness to the bride and groom . We like to know them and understand their gaze, so that through our work they can remember their day, as if they were living it again. "Fran, the creative director of Cuika tells us. They also offer (so that the photos are not forgotten in a screen): books, prints, postcards Young, playful and responsible , that's how we defined the Cuika team.


-Instagram: @cuikafoto

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Pili y Jaso - 0533 - En Alta.jpg

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-Lucia Marchetti

" I dedicate myself to documenting the moments, the emotions, everything that is happening. I like to know the bride and groom, to know their history, how they met, what they like to do, to know how their family is made up. I live weddings as if they were mine. I get involved in so much go unnoticed and apparently a guest. the idea is to forget that I am there and can flow and be you. be spontaneous. not going to stop to ask for a picture in the middle of a batch. " Lu tells us, a photographer super involved with each case, super empathetic and nice .

"The four weddings that were pending for this season, two we rescheduled to a free date (speaking with all the providers at the same time to be able to coincide); and the other two were waiting for the salon." And this tells us about how they are handling this moment.


-Instagram: @lumarchettifotografa

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-Make-up artists and stylists:
We recommend 3 makeup artists who also comb , this is ideal since that same day one person solves everything for you . All 3 are geniuses and super good proposals, you can trust that they will be divine. You can contact them, find out budgets and pay attention !: Reserve your place in time.

They will rest assured that they have the service resolved, and with the person they choose, the same for the friends of the bride and godmothers . They told us that they expect a super high season for the months of September, October and November, since the brides that had to reschedule accumulated . That is why they do not wait at the last minute to book and not only for the day of their weddings but also for civilians!

-Vicky Lopez Saubidet

Vicky has been a makeup artist and hairstylist for 10 years, nice, relaxed and super punctual (something that must be taken into account) is in charge of leaving you impeccable even in the smallest detail. On his blog you will find several articles he wrote with tips for brides.


-Web :

-Instagram: @vickylsmakeup

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-Luisa Estevez

When it comes to hairstyles, she is the one . Her style is chosen by many brides. " Be true to your style and what you like. So on the day of your wedding you feel like YOU but more goddess than ever!" Lai recommends us.


-Instagram : @

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luisa 2.jpg

-Feli Rocca

Feli tells us 3 tips to keep in mind when choosing a makeup artist. "First of all, that you love how he works . Second, that he closes the total proposal, both economic and creative . Third, that you know that this person is going to give you a lot of peace of mind that day, since you are going to spend a lot of time with she." Today you can have an online meeting with her . "Nothing better than taking advantage of these days at home to be able to get to know each person that they hire and rest assured of the decision they make."


-Instagram: @felirocca

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-Headpieces and Accessories:

They are a fundamental piece in the bride's look, they enhance the style that you have previously defined . It is time for you to be encouraged to play with a unique and different piece that complements the dress and adds personality .

When choosing them, it is very important that you take into account several aspects: the dress, the hairstyle, the place and the time of the wedding .

We propose 3 brands that are defined by having very different styles, so you can find the one that best suits you.

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-Official Sanz

The creators of Sanz are make-up artists and stylists : "we produce our products thinking about the way to put them and their comfort."

Are defined as ". For all women for any occasion" His pieces are unique and are made 100% hand blend materials like cold porcelain, dried and metals flowers and combine different techniques to create thousands of pieces fully different .

" We seek to identify the tastes, preferences and style of our clients. Brides, godmothers or guests, they are all different. We have more romantic clients who choose preserved flower headdresses; more playful brides who want to innovate with pieces of jewelry or classic and elegant women who prefer the delicacy of a cold porcelain piece. " The girls adapt to your style , and together they can design the piece you always dreamed of! And if you are one of those who want to see it done they also have a "ready to wear" stock.

-Instagram:   @sanz_oficial

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-Jitric contemporary jewelry

Maximiliano has been making these types of pieces for 6 years now, he designs headbands, headdresses, necklaces, bracelets and "whatever comes to my mind haha " he told us when we asked him about his work. Among the materials that it works are alpaca, bronze, copper, quartz, crystals, and also handmade enamel . It has also customize ready headdresses and prune: "I like to listen and create special pieces for that one moment."


-Instagram: @jitric_jc


-Contemporary Jewelry Astoria

Paula Pereiro is the person behind Astoria Contemporary Jewelry, all the pieces found in her workshop are completely handmade . It is dedicated not only to jewelry in general but also to making wedding rings and engagement rings . Among the materials it uses we find: Platinum, 18kt Gold, 925 Silver and precious stones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies and many more) . You did not find it super interesting is that they can carry old wedding rings (or any other jewel) to recycle : " The stories behind the pieces they bring are endless, and there are not a few times that we end up in a hug with tears in our eyes. "

Paula does not work with stock, but rather performs each piece exclusively "... from a process that begins with an appointment in my College workshop. On that occasion I meet with the couple or the girlfriend or boyfriend, so that tell me a little about the wedding. We see some samples of rings, I show them the metals I work with, and we talk about the pros and cons of each option. For me it is very important that the model of alliances they choose represents who they are and it is comfortable for the day to day , depending on the tasks they carry out. We are talking about a piece that, in addition to being beautiful, has to be comfortable, since they are going to use it every day, in every conceivable occasion "This he told us when we asked him about his work process in the workshop.

They will be able to meet not only with their proposal for alliances, but with all kinds of jewelry for that special day.


-Instagram: @astoriajoyeria

Alianzas Oro blanco marteladas.jpg
Alianzas y solitarios.jpg


When choosing footwear, we prioritize comfort and simplicity that goes with the style of the dress. It is essential that they resolve this issue almost at the same time as their wedding dress since the posture and shape of walking is affected by the footwear they choose. T enerlos from the first test of her dress is ideal! Not only to forget about it, but also to move more fluently with the dress. Many times we recommend that you try to use the same shoe for your civilian and your wedding, that is why a classic model will better adapt to both situations.

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" We are Luli and Flor and we created EIEN a little over a year ago. We got married in 2018 and 2019, we were brides, we were in your place , we loved each stage planning our marriage. We dreamed and created our wedding dresses thinking about every detail, but When it came time to choose shoes, we couldn't find anything to define us, that's why we decided to create this project based on a modern but timeless style.

We believe that a correct wedding style not only represents the person in the best way, but also aesthetically cares for each of the elements that are part of that great moment, with the shoes being the main protagonists.

All our shoes are made in Argentina by hand , the best materials and always with quality as a priority . We constantly launch new models taking care of our two main values: the aesthetic design that we want to prioritize so much and the comfort as an absolute maximum. "This is what the girls from Eien tell us about their shoes, which they can find in our showroom and solve everything at the same time! Super recommended and reliable we know that brides wear them until the end of the party.


-Instagram: @

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-Firfina dogwood

"Our models are available as triggers for each client to choose the one that represents them and customize it to be their own. You can choose a combination of colors, materials, design modifications, create a design together from scratch and even combine models that suit you. like, whatever you want! " With this freedom, girls present themselves when creating your footwear, a proposal for those who want to make something to measure and design their shoes.

"In addition to feeling unique, you are going to want to enjoy it, so we know you want to be comfortable. That is why we design our shoes so that you have them on all night . With the same last height you can choose the heel height with which you feel better, from 4cm to 11cm you can choose the height and type of cleat, our preferred ones are always acrylic ones. " Personalization, design and comfort define this brand: "To make the memory unforgettable, you can engrave your shoes with your initials or wedding date ."

Super Tip Quarantine : "For this difficult time to plan we put together the Cf.Cards with super discounts, each Card has many options of models and heel heights and the price freezes you until June 30. It is ideal for not having to define Nothing in a hurry and being able to take advantage of an ideal price. When all this happens you can come to the store and finish defining your shoe. It is also ideal if someone wants to give you the shoes :) "


-Instagram: @ cornejo.firfina

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We hope it works for you, soon we will be telling you about the news that we have from the brand to accompany you with your quarantined organization!

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